I am Sam, Sam I am..

Well I thought I best tell you a bit about myself before I just dive straight in. 

I’m 29 and a stay at home Mam. I have 2 kids, Harrison (4) and Penelope (2) and have been Married for 3 years (together 5).
Long time lover of Instagram and have only recently started beauty blogging, reviewing products and such. Before that, like everyone else, I used it to catalog my life in photos and take a horrendous amount of selfies.. #selfaddict 
A fair few people had suggested that I make a beauty blog, so that’s what I intend to do. Although I won’t just be writing about beauty products/fashion, I also aim to write about parenting, Autism, book reviews,  other products and life in general. 

Hopefully helping people out along the way and maybe have a few giggles here and there 😏

Insert shameless Instagram plug here 👉🏼babbajazzlebeautyblog


22 thoughts on “I am Sam, Sam I am..

    1. I have no idea! I’ve been trying to do a few blogs a day. As well as reading through other people’s blogs and commenting/following ones I find interesting, which in turn is obviously letting them view my own! Thanks so much and glad you like it! Xxx

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  1. I myself am also a mom of 4 ❤ and a busy dog, I also am a parent who has dealt and deals with, autism,adhd,anxiety,bipolar,depression&ptsd in kids! of course I love makeup and nail polish so I will def love your blog.

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