Blogger Awards πŸ’•πŸ’•


Firstly I want to thank Rare Ruby for nominating me for all 3 awards, but also Everything and Nothing for nominating me for the Premio Dardos Bloggers award. 

Please check out their blogs if you don’t already, they are wonderful! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

So on to the awards, I’m going to contain them all to one post and then nominate for all 3 at the end! 

Premio Dardos Award 


Give thanks to person who nominated you 

Pass on the award to other bloggers and let them know they have been nominated! 

Versatile Blogger Award

Give thanks to the person who nominated you 

Share 10 things about yourself 

Nominate 10 bloggers and notify them that they have been nominated 

My 10 Facts: 

1. I have 23 tattoos. Some of them excellent and some of them need covering up! 

2. I hate lipgloss 

3. I have a cat called Daryl, named after Daryl Dixon from the walking dead (creepy stalker obsession with Norman Reedus) 

4. My favourite genre of movie is horror. 

5. My favourite colour is Turquoise 

6. My favourite restaurant is Yo Sushi 

7. My favourite flowers are Peonies 

8. I prefer drug store brands over expensive brand makeup 

9. My favourite animals are Orangatangs 

10. Favourite artist is Gustav Klimt 

Beauty Blogger Award 


Give thanks to the blogger that nominated you 

Answer the 10 questions you were given 

Nominate 10 people whose blog is about fashion or beauty ( I nominated 7 because I’m lazy!) 

Make 10 questions for your bloggers to answer 

Let the bloggers know you have nominated them 

Questions that Ruby asked me: 

1. Favourite Makeup Product

I know I go on about it, but it’s my main staple. The Max Factor Pan stik is my absolute favourite product EVER. I use it as a concealer under my eyes, red bits and forehead. But it can also be used as a cream foundation which is its main purpose for my people. 

2. What can’t you live without

I assume this means beauty related, so I’m going to say Micellar Cleansing water. My face has been so clear since I started using it. 

3. Favourite colour

Anything Natural 

4. Natural coloured lips, or big bold lips

I love Nude lipsticks, I rarely wear anything else, but still like my lips to look plump. So I do wear lip liner also. Sometimes when I’m going out I wear red or dark purple but it’s rare. 

5. Have you tried strobing? 

Hell no! I’ve only just got the hang of contouring! Although I more than likely will watch a couple of tutorials and blog about it at some point. 

6. How do you reduce bags under your eyes? 

I don’t.. I simply don’t have time. And I do have awful bags! I just conceal them 😱 If you have any tips pop them in the comments! 

7. What piercings do you have/want? 

Currently I have my Ears, nose and tongue done. I don’t want anymore. Although I do miss my belly button. But I have a stretch mark right through that so it’s ruined! No one gets to see it anyway. 

8. What’s your perfect makeup look? 

I love natural looking makeup with white prominent lips. Kylie Jenners makeup is generally perfect πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

9. Mascara or eyeliner (pick one) 

Mascara most Deffo. Changes the whole look of your face! 

10. Do you paint your nails

Rarely. If I’m going out then yes. But that’s hardly ever! 

My 10 questions 

1. Favourite lipstick brand and colour 

2. Name a beauty product that you hate 

3. Favourite perfume 

4. How many items of makeup are in your daily routine? 

5. What’s your skin care routine 

6. Do you contour? What products do you use? 

7. Favourite makeup brand? 

8. Drugstore or High end makeup? 

9. Top makeup tip? 

10. Name something you have bought recently because another blogger has recommended it. 
My nominees 

Everything and nothing


The sassy editor

Lainey loves life

Wake up to makeup with Kayla

Anything and everything



Beauty Blogger Award πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•


I have been nominated for the Beauty Blogger Award by the wonderful The Sassy Editor! If you aren’t already, give her blog a follow, it’s great! Thanks for the nomination πŸ’•πŸ’•

The Rules: 

Thank and follow the blog that nominated you

Display the award on your blog

Answer the questions given by the blogger who nominated you

Nominate other bloggers and link them

Create 10 questions for the nominated bloggers

The questions!

1.How many people have you told about your blog in real life? 

Pretty much everyone 😁 it’s connected to my Instagram (babbajazzleblog) and to my Facebook page (same name). I have lots of lovely people on both that I hope will find my stuff interesting to read! 

How many foundations do you own? 

Currently I have 2, which I mix to create a perfect colour. I use the Max Factor skin luminizor and Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin. I change my foundation every time they run out because I’m always searching for better! 

How much time do you spend doing your makeup on a daily basis? 

15-20 minutes

What’s your favourite eyeshadow colour? 

I don’t wear eye shadow…

What’s your favourite makeup brush? 

I don’t really have one. I’ve never been bothered by brushes but after watching several tutorials about the Real Technique brushes, I ordered some yesterday. I do love my beauty blender though. 

When you go to a drug store what brand do you look for first? 

Max Factor or Revlon 

What was your first makeup item? 

Bright ice blue lipstick by Collection 2000

Do you regularly or have ever self tanned? 

I am super duper pale without it. So I do try to make time to tan every weekend. However this doesn’t always happen and I end up walking around resembling a white walker..

How do you feel about over drawn lips? 

If I could do it without looking like an idiot, I more than likely would. But it makes me look like a clown. On some people though it can look really nice! 

Do you contour on a daily basis? 

I’ve only actually been contouring properly for around 6 months. It’s now part of my daily routine and it’s very rare I don’t do it! 

I Nominate: 


Buff and blend beauty

Mirifique beauty


Thanks again for the nomination! Make sure you link me in so I can see the answers to your questions as I love reading them.