Battle of the cheap disposable nappies

 I don’t believe in Pampers, there you go. I said it. I hate them. I think they are a total waste of money, have no absorbency and they leave my kids bums red raw. 

Now I know each child has different skin types and what might work for one may not work for another, but I just can’t fathom the price of them when there are so many better and cheaper alternative store own nappies available. 

I’ve been a part of online parenting forums for over 4 years now, basically since the beginning of my pregnancy with Harri. And I’ve seen this topic being discussed many a time since then. And from what I’ve been able to gather it seems that far more people are willing to at least try the store own brands out. Where as 4 years ago I felt like I was being frowned upon for using anything other than Pampers or Huggies

I’ve always sworn by Asda Little Angels. My children are both heavy wetters and the absorbency really is fantastic, plus they never ever get sore bums from them so that’s a bonus. 

From time to time though I have had to use other brands as my local Asda is only little and they sell out pretty quickly by mid week. So I have used several others which will I will give my opinion on further along. 

This morning I took too the parenting forum I help run, and posted a miniature survey asking which store brand nappies people mostly use and then added Pampers at the end for the final comparison so that it was a fair vote. I left it on there for around 6 hours to make sure I got a good amount of responses. 

Here are the numbers from that in order of most popular to least popular, as well as my opinions on those individual nappies and prices for each: 

Asda Little Angels: 47 Votes

Price £4.50

This included Newborn, Comfort dry, Active fit and Supreme Protection. 

At 4.50 a packet you can’t really complain, the quality is amazing, ultra absorbent, good amount of nappies for your money and they are hypoallergenic. They have also won the gold award numerous times in previous years. 

As I mentioned above, these are by far my favourite brand. My kids drink copious amounts of juice so bed times can be a bit of a nightmare for leaking. But it’s a very rare occasion whilst wearing these. 

Anyway these ranked the favourites amongst the mummies and for good reason too! If you haven’t already tried these, please do.  

Aldi Mamia: 17 Votes 

Price range from £1.49-£4.39

I really like these. My best friend has used them for a long long time and she’s always telling me to try them. So I bought some last week when Asda sold out. And I was pleasantly surprised. They feel nice, good amount of nappies in the packet, they fit the kids well and are super absorbent. And haven’t left any redness. They have also won the gold award. They are always a brand that’s mentioned amongst the mums when having this discussion online and I can’t say I’ve ever heard anything bad about them.  


Tesco Loves Baby: 13 Votes

Price range from £2.90-£4.50

Ive only tried this once in an emergency. I ran out of nappies and rang my grandma who happened to be at tescos and she brought these in. They were ok. Not as absorbent as Asda and little angels which meant I was changing bums frequently and they were terrible for night time use. They also gave Harri a bit of redness and the fit didn’t seem great. 

But they have rated in the top 3, so like I said above what works for one may not work for another. But I wouldn’t buy these again.  


Sainsbury’s Little ones: 9 votes 

Price range from £3.50-£4.90 

I really liked these in the past, I only used them a few times when Harri was little but they changed their design and I felt that the fit and absorbency changed with it. Originally I would have put them at the same level as Asda. They seemed to fit him really well and lasted just as long between nappy changes. So whatever they did when they changed didn’t suit our needs anymore and therefore I haven’t used them since. They seem to remain a favourite for a few of the mums though.  

Amongst the remaining brands with only a couple of votes each we had Boots baby, Lidl Tojours, Morrisons Little Big, Morrisons own value, Tesco everyday value and Wilko baby. 

I’ve tried all of these too, and I can’t say any of them stood out for me like some of the ones above. The own value brands are fine for daytime use but be prepared to frequently change, they are super cheap so if one week you find yourself struggling I would say they are worth the £1.50 (ish) price tag. And they will do for emergencies most definitely.  

           Now onto Pampers: 37 Votes

Price ranges from £3.70 upwards 

Obviously still a firm favourite for many parents. Although I struggle to see why when there are so many cheaper and in my opinion better options available on the market. Like I said they just aren’t suitable for my kids for many reasons. But I do see an equal amount of praise alongside the negatives. What I will say about them so I’m not being a total negative nelly, is that they do fit nicely and they feel soft and comfortable. But something in them must not agree with Harri and Penelope’s bottoms, because the rash they leave is truly horrendous.  


Thanks so much again for reading 💕Hopefully this will help any parents that are struggling to make the decision of which nappy to choose a bit easier, or maybe it will even make you change your mind from your current brand and try something different 💕