Beauty Product Review: Glam Glow 

I am absolutely HORRIFIED to find that I’m nearly finished both tubs of my Glam Glow. 

I’ve been using them both every few days or when I have a particularly bad break out of face demons, and I hadn’t realised till last night how little I have left. 

What is good though, is that I feel now that I have used them for quite a while I can give a proper review. 

Super mud clearing treatment (white tub) 

This is my favourite out of the 2. I’ve never found a product that reduces redness so quickly, not only that it dries my spots out and seems to smooth any bumpiness on my face. 

I generally apply it whilst I’m in the bath, so that the heat has opened my pours. And then wash it off when I get out. It smells lovely too, a bit like mint and tea tree! 

Apply it like you would any face mask, can be a bit messy and be sure to keep it away from your eyes. Make sure your face is entirely covered, you don’t need to use a huge amount of this product for coverage. 

Youth mud – Tingle exfoliate treatment 

I do love this product, but it’s more for exfoliating and it gives you a natural, youthful glow. 

I have used this on different days to the Super mud, so I can happily say that I do think this also helps with redness but not so much spots. 

It does leave my face soft and fresh though which is great. I sometimes do a mask in the morning using this one as I find that if I’m having a particularly bad skin day, this helps prep my skin for makeup. 

I will most defiantly be buying these 2 again. They are pricey but sometimes you can get the double pack, like I did, on offer around Xmas time from Marks and Spencer’s and I’m sure other places. 

I paid £40 for the 2. The Supermud is the largest tub, but you can get them vice versa. 

Thanks for reading lovelies! Let me know if you have tried Glam Glow before and what your opinion is on it.