My Kinder egg hell..

  Ever heard of unboxing? Well I have repeatedly every day, all day for around a year now. My son who is 4 and has autism is absolutely obsessed! 

Originally it had started off with the unboxing of toys from Giant eggs that parents had hand made (we have yet to attempt this ourselves)  Then he stumbled upon kinder egg unboxing. Great I thought, at least hes taking an interest in something new. 

As the months have gone by, Harri has started to point to kinder eggs in magazines or when out shopping (it’s a rare occasion he comes shopping due to sensory issues). So we started buying them in bulk. He likes to sit and open them for the toys, although he did go through a phase of eating the chocolate, he doesn’t anymore. His sister usually steals it before he gets the chance. He never plays with the toys, he must just like the unwrapping part. 

You know what the toys are like inside, cheap plastic. Some you have to make up and some you don’t. He particularly took a liking to the tinker bell and avengers ones that came out around Easter. The rest just get left on the floor for the bin. 

On this day however, I hadn’t noticed Harri had reached up to the counter top and helped himself to one off the bench. Penelope as per usual was found stuffing her face with the chocolate and Harri was playing with this little yellow toy. I thought nothing of it. Bedtime came around and once they were both asleep, I went about tidying up. As I walked in the lounge I was greeted by my sofa COVERED in yellow scribbles. Not just one cushion, no. The whole sofa. I started to panic, searching everywhere for this yellow pen that Penelope had obviously got hold of (I keep all pens in the kitchen draw). And I couldn’t find anything. Thank the gods for scotch guarding and baby wipes! I managed to get it all out after half an hour of scrubbing. 

Then peering out from under the sofa was this smug looking little guy..  


It was the Kinder egg toy Harri had been playing with earlier. I picked it up and placed it on the bench. Then realised there was yellow on my hands. The smug toy, was in fact a yellow stamper. I felt like it was laughing at me. I can’t tell you how annoyed I was but I was close to losing my mind. What a stupid thing to put inside. 

Obviously it went in the bin.

And this is why I hate them. I love that Harri has an interest other than movies and books, and that’s the only reason why I continue to buy them. However from now on I’m checking each toy once he’s opened them and there’s been a few different pens/stamps amongst them. 

So unless you want your cream sofa decorated by yellow scribbles, I suggest you do the same and check your children’s Kinder surprise eggs! 


Thanks so much for reading, I’d be interested to hear if any of your children like unboxing?