Things I’ve bought, that I’ve hated!Β 


It’s not often that I come across products that I really don’t like, or think ‘I really feel like I’ve wasted my money’, but there have been a few recently so I thought I would do a little blog about them! 
NYX HD Photogenique Primer and Finishing powder. 

Let me start off by saying that the powder is by far the biggest waste of money EVER. 

With it being for photographs specifically you would think it would be for all kinds of photography. Right? Wrong. Don’t use this product for photos you will be taking using a flash because it reflects the light, rendering the photo totally useless. 

It’s also the worst finishing powder I’ve ever come across. It does absolutely nothing to your makeup. Just don’t buy it. 

As for the primer, it’s sticky, smells a bit weird and I don’t like the consistency or the colour of it. It’s just not what I wanted in a primer at all. And I don’t feel like it makes my makeup go on any better than what it would without it! 

Now I’m a huge lover of NYX makeup. I but their stuff all the time and have never had complaints. But my god these products are terrible. 


Soap and Glory – Pillow Plump XXL

What is his supposed to do exactly? Because it certainly doesn’t plump my lips at all! No more than any other lipstick does. Because it’s a gloss it makes me hate it more. I’m not a huge fan of lip gloss to begin with, but because people always rave about this I thought I would give it a go! Doesn’t make me love soap and glory and less though. They still remain one of my favourite brands. 

But this. This was a waste of time. I hated it. 


Lip Voltage
Oh how excited I was when I managed to get this. It was old out everywhere at the time and my friend told me about a little salon somewhere that would post it out to me so I grabbed it while I could. 

Firstly, i had no idea how to use it so I just winged it the first time and very nearly burnt my lips off! Was absolutely horrendous. 

When I learnt how to use it though, although it may have slightly changed my lips when I first applied it. It didn’t hold for much longer than 5 minutes. All that stinging for having more plump lips for 5 minutes just wasn’t worth it. Not at all. 

I’d rather save my money and have lip fillers (which I actually did do in the end). 


So like I said, it’s really not often that I buy something I don’t like. I always read reviews or go off word of mouth. And I’m nearly always pleased. But these are some of the products that really stuck out in my mind as being terrible. 

Thanks for reading! Let me know down below if you have tried any of these and what you thought of them. 




Blogger Awards πŸ’•πŸ’•


Firstly I want to thank Rare Ruby for nominating me for all 3 awards, but also Everything and Nothing for nominating me for the Premio Dardos Bloggers award. 

Please check out their blogs if you don’t already, they are wonderful! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

So on to the awards, I’m going to contain them all to one post and then nominate for all 3 at the end! 

Premio Dardos Award 


Give thanks to person who nominated you 

Pass on the award to other bloggers and let them know they have been nominated! 

Versatile Blogger Award

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Share 10 things about yourself 

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My 10 Facts: 

1. I have 23 tattoos. Some of them excellent and some of them need covering up! 

2. I hate lipgloss 

3. I have a cat called Daryl, named after Daryl Dixon from the walking dead (creepy stalker obsession with Norman Reedus) 

4. My favourite genre of movie is horror. 

5. My favourite colour is Turquoise 

6. My favourite restaurant is Yo Sushi 

7. My favourite flowers are Peonies 

8. I prefer drug store brands over expensive brand makeup 

9. My favourite animals are Orangatangs 

10. Favourite artist is Gustav Klimt 

Beauty Blogger Award 


Give thanks to the blogger that nominated you 

Answer the 10 questions you were given 

Nominate 10 people whose blog is about fashion or beauty ( I nominated 7 because I’m lazy!) 

Make 10 questions for your bloggers to answer 

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Questions that Ruby asked me: 

1. Favourite Makeup Product

I know I go on about it, but it’s my main staple. The Max Factor Pan stik is my absolute favourite product EVER. I use it as a concealer under my eyes, red bits and forehead. But it can also be used as a cream foundation which is its main purpose for my people. 

2. What can’t you live without

I assume this means beauty related, so I’m going to say Micellar Cleansing water. My face has been so clear since I started using it. 

3. Favourite colour

Anything Natural 

4. Natural coloured lips, or big bold lips

I love Nude lipsticks, I rarely wear anything else, but still like my lips to look plump. So I do wear lip liner also. Sometimes when I’m going out I wear red or dark purple but it’s rare. 

5. Have you tried strobing? 

Hell no! I’ve only just got the hang of contouring! Although I more than likely will watch a couple of tutorials and blog about it at some point. 

6. How do you reduce bags under your eyes? 

I don’t.. I simply don’t have time. And I do have awful bags! I just conceal them 😱 If you have any tips pop them in the comments! 

7. What piercings do you have/want? 

Currently I have my Ears, nose and tongue done. I don’t want anymore. Although I do miss my belly button. But I have a stretch mark right through that so it’s ruined! No one gets to see it anyway. 

8. What’s your perfect makeup look? 

I love natural looking makeup with white prominent lips. Kylie Jenners makeup is generally perfect πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

9. Mascara or eyeliner (pick one) 

Mascara most Deffo. Changes the whole look of your face! 

10. Do you paint your nails

Rarely. If I’m going out then yes. But that’s hardly ever! 

My 10 questions 

1. Favourite lipstick brand and colour 

2. Name a beauty product that you hate 

3. Favourite perfume 

4. How many items of makeup are in your daily routine? 

5. What’s your skin care routine 

6. Do you contour? What products do you use? 

7. Favourite makeup brand? 

8. Drugstore or High end makeup? 

9. Top makeup tip? 

10. Name something you have bought recently because another blogger has recommended it. 
My nominees 

Everything and nothing


The sassy editor

Lainey loves life

Wake up to makeup with Kayla

Anything and everything


15 ways to use Vaseline πŸ’•πŸ’•


I always have a pot of Vaseline in my drawer, have done since my early teens and over the years I’ve discovered some weird and wonderful things you can use it for! So here’s a quick list:

1. Customise your cosmetics

Add Vaseline to any lose pigments from your eyes shadows, blush etc and mix them together to create a cream shadows and blush. You can also do this to make tinted lip balms. 

2. Use it as a clear Mascara 

On makeup free days or natural makeup days you can trade in your mascara for Vaseline by smoothing it over your lashes for a glossy and thicker look. It’s also a great eye lash conditioner! 

3. Polish your shoes!

Bit of a weird one but my grandma once told me to use it for polishing my tan boots. This was quite recently and it gives them a great shine! 

4. Get the perfect tan

Apply it to dry areas like elbows and knees before tanning as it acts as a barrier so that the tan won’t cling/go streaky in those places. 

5. Gentle eye makeup remover

We all know how expensive makeup remover can be, but you can use Vaseline on the tip of a cotton bud to gently remove eye liner, mascara and I’ve even found when I used to use false lashes that it would help with removing the excess glue. 

6. Soothe dry skin 

Apply Vaseline to dry skin or cracked heels on your feet and then pop a pair of socks on. You can also do the same for hands and wear some gloves overnight. Really helps hydrate your skin. 

7. Mess free manicure 

Apply to your cuticles before painting your nails to keep the colour off your skin. 

8. Remove makeup stains from clothing

With a damp cloth, Vaseline can be used to help lift makeup stains from your clothing, pillow cases and bedding. 

9. Instant Highlighter 

Just use a small amount on the high points of your face for a natural dewy highlight. You can also use it on your shins to make your legs glow. 

10. Smooth that baby hair! 

You can smooth down your baby hairs or frizz by using small amounts of Vaseline in replace of hair product. 

11. Prep skin for fragrance 

Moisturised skin holds fragrance for longer, apply Vaseline before you spray. 

12. DIY lip scrub 

Add some sugar to your Vaseline to make your own DIY lip scrub. 

13. DIY shower/bath sea salt scrub 

Add Sea salt to your Vaseline to make your own DIY body scrub with moisturising benefits. 

14. Take those brows 

Add a very small amount of Vaseline to your eyebrow brush to help shape your brows perfectly. 

15. Help stubborn earrings slide in

If you’re like me and don’t wear earrings too often, the holes can sometimes be difficult when trying to put earrings in. Add a small amount of Vaseline to your ear lobe and over the earring to help it slide in with no problems. 

Let me know down below if you have any Vaseline tips! 

Thanks for reading πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• 


Sisterhood of the world bloggers awardΒ 


I have been nominated by the beautiful Stephanie for the Sisterhood of the world bloggers award. If you haven’t already, check her blog out it’s fabulous! 

Thanks so much for the nomination, I love doing these and reading everyone’s responses πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• 

So here we go…

Β« The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award recognises the unique voices of women bloggers around the world. Β»


Thank and link the blogger who nominated you.

Answer the 10 questions your nominator has provided.

Nominate 10 other bloggers.

Create 10 questions for your nominees and notify them of their nomination.

Here are my answers to both series of questions:

1. Favourite perfume for this summer?

I’m currently using viva la juicy! It’s super summery and I love how it smells on me. Only problem is the fragrance doesn’t last long on me. But I have a 100ml bottle so need to use it up! 

2. Have you ever seen an opera? If so, which one(s)?

I’ve seen a few when I was younger, in my early teens. My grandma used to take me as well as going to Ballets which are my absolute favourite. Off the top of my head I’ve seen Carmen, Madama butterfly and the Magic flute. There maybe more but I can’t remember! 

3. Your go-to red lipstick?

Revlon- Really Red 

4. Where did you spend your last holiday?

Just recently been to Ibiza with the girls, stayed in playa den bossa. Had a great time! 

5. What is your first beauty ritual in the morning?

After a scrub, I use my Lush breath of fresh air spray and do my Lush lip scrub 

6. Favourite restaurant ever?

Yo sushi! Absolutely love the place. I eat far too much when I go though. It’s embarrassing.

7. What would be your best beauty advice to your daughter?

A good skin care routine. I wish I had known more about that kind of thing before I started plastering myself in makeup clogging all my pores! 

8. Who is your favourite female fictional character (could be books, movies, series,…) and why?

Can’t say I really have one! Although if I had to choose it would be Ophelia from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Just because I adore Hamlet and feel without her it would be nothing. My daughters middle name is Ophelia πŸ’•πŸ’•

9. Name a makeup or beauty Β« crime Β».

I don’t really have any of my own but I absolutely hate people that have plucked their eyebrows within an inch of their lives and then draw them on SUPER thick. 

10. Which book are you currently reading?

Grey by E L James 

My nominees 



Infinitely awkward

Online beauty finds

Becky Brotherton


Poppy constellations

The sassy editor


Polished by Amy

1. Name one make-up / beauty product that you could not live without.

Max factor Pan Stik

2. Where is your dream travelling destination?

Bali. I mean I’ve been before a couple of times but honestly I can’t tell you how beautiful it is! 

3. What is your all-time-most-memorable-song?

I wanna grow old with you by Adam Sandler (walked down the aisle to that) 

4. Who is your real-life most inspiring character? (actresses/ politicians/ businessmen, etc) and Why?

Angelina Jolie, I think all the work she has done as the UN refugee agency goodwill ambassador is absolutely amazing. She’s done so much field work over the years in between being a mother and actress etc. 

5. What is your beauty secret?

I don’t really have any! I just watch millions of tutorials about absolutely everything! 

6. Name your favourite make-up brands.

NYX and Sleek currently 

7. What is your favourite me-time activity?

Watching Grav3yardgirl on YouTube, writing my blog or reading 

8. At what age did you start your first make-up?

Early teens 

9. What did you do last weekend?

Took the kids to my dads as the weather was lovely and he has a big garden with play apparatus in so they always have tons of fun! 

10. What are the most current beauty / skincare products you purchased?

Today I just purchased 2 contour kits to review by makeup revolution. 

So! That’s me, I answered both sets of questions and because I’m a rule breaker I didn’t add my own because these questions were great! Answer both sets if you feel rebellious 😏 

Thanks so much for reading πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•


My everyday Makeup


Firstly let me start with how much I love my little acrylic makeup storage box. I wanted to order one to see what they were like. It was Β£10.99 from eBay. I will be buying a couple more plus some of the larger storage drawers! 

In this set is just my daily makeup with a few changeovers amongst it, like different lipsticks/liners, compact powders and primer. But below is basically my staples currently. 

My base: 

Most days I use the Maybelline Baby skin as a primer. I love how smooth and soft it makes my skin feel. As well as filling in any empty pours on my forehead and giving my face a level base for applying my foundation. 

I currently mix 2 foundations (I have a habit of doing this for better coverage). I use Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin with a drop or 2 of the Max Faxtor skin luminizer to give myself a fresher, brighter base.  As you can tell I’m nearly finished them. I’m hoping to try EstΓ©e Lauder double wear next.  


I have always used the same product for concealing. I doubt I will ever change because I love it so much and it works perfectly on my skin.  I use the Max Factor Pan stick. It’s great for under my eyes and has great coverage for face demons!  


Contour and highlight: 

Cant begin to tell you how much I love Sleek makeup at the minute. I’ve started to develop a bit of an obsession. And the best thing about it? It’s cheap!! Currently for contouring and highlighting I’m using the Sleek face contour powder kit in medium. And for highlighting I’m using the Sleek highlighting palette in shade Prescious metals alongside YSL TouchΓ© Γ‰clat. Gives my face a lovely golden shimmer which is perfect for the summer! 

Bronzer and Blush: 

I’m not a huge fan of Soap and Glory products. However I do love their bronzer Salon powder and Love at first blush. 

The salon powder is light enough to wear as my powder base underneath my contour. Which is why I love it so much as I’m not a big user of powder. 

The Love at first blush is perfect shades of pink, which looks lovely lightly dusted on my cheek bones after I’ve done my highlighting. 



I love my NYX lip liner in shade EVER 828. I can basically wear it with any of my nude lip colours. Currently the 3 lipsticks I wear the most are the Sleek Matte Me in shade Birthday suit, this is more like a lip paint and it dries super quick. Mac lipstick in shade Faux (looks lovely paired with the NYX liner) it makes my lips look lovely and full. And then the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in shade Milkshake. This is super light and It doesn’t dry as quick as the sleek one. I have to use a blotter if I’m in a rush. But it is a lovely colour and I love anything Matte. 



I know what you’re thinking. Why does she not have any eye shadows?? Well I do own them, but I don’t wear any. I just don’t like how my eyes look with shadow on. More than likely because I’m doing it wrong. But I’ve watched many a tutorial and just can’t seem to get it!! 

So currently all I use is the Maybelline The Rocket mascara in black. This has been my favourite mascara so far (I change every time I run out). Gives lots of volume but without making them look clumpy! 

And I’m using the Sooty black liner by Pop beauty which I got in my April Glossy box. I love this liner, it doesn’t smudge and it’s a soft pencil so goes on super easy.    



I get my eyebrows waxed and tinted every 4 weeks, sometimes longer because I struggle to find the time when Sean’s off work. But you know what tinting is like, it doesn’t last that long and I still like to add a bit more shape and colour. I stumbled across this product in the airport on the way to Ibiza. I grabbed it because it was cheap and they didn’t have the NYX one that i had wanted. It was Β£2.99. And I absolutely love it! It comes with a double ended brush and a clear gel mascara to set it. I couldn’t ask for anything more really. It has black, medium brown and then a lighter one for blondes. It goes on really easy and shapes them beautifully.  

    So that’s my daily get up! It might seem like a lot but honestly it’s really not. I really enjoy makeup. And I’m always looking for new things to add to my wish list to review!  


Thanks for reading and comment below if you have any favourites that you always wear? Or if you use any of these products and what you think of them. 

Xxx πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

My favourite perfumesΒ 


I’ve very nearly finished all my perfumes and I’m looking for some new ones to try (and pop on my Christmas list). So I thought I would do a quick list of my favourites. These are the ones I have consistently used for years now, some of them have even been discontinued now, I hate it when that happens! 

Agent Provocateur 

I used to pay quite a lot of money for this, but I’ve managed to find a perfume outlet on eBay that usually retails it for around Β£35 for 100ml. I generally wear this on special occasions or nights out. 

 Agent Provocateur is the signature fragrance of the company.  Its sharp, very intensive and very provocative scent has become a modern classic. My Grandma was who first introduced me to it around 15 years ago. It combines Indian saffron, coriander from Russia, Egyptian Jasmine and Vetivert from Haiti among other exotic elements. It is wonderfully placed in a pink porcelain bottle in the shape of an egg, tied with a ribbon to finish it off. 

Although this fragrance may seem quite strong when first sprayed, the after scent it leaves is much more floral with a hint of musk. 

This is my absolute favourite perfume, and I will always have a bottle of it on my dressing table for as long as they continue to make it.  


Angel by Theirry Mugler

I haven’t met many people that don’t like Angel, but I have met people that have said it smells different on me then it does them. My Grandma being one of them. This is one of the only perfumes I’ve found to last all day. The scent make weaken slightly but it doesn’t leave. 

It’s a scent that cannot be confused for another. You would know the scent if someone wearing it was too walk past. 

I generally wear this in the winter, it strikes me as a winter scent, I’m not sure why. Maybe because it’s warm and inviting. I personally think it smells like Patchouli and jasmine to begin with then it has a chocolate and vanilla undertone when it weakens a bit. But that’s how it smells on me, you may think different!  


Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture 

Pretty and girly! Flowers, flowers, more flowers and then maybe a touch of sandlewood. This is my everyday fragrance at the moment. It’s the first time I’ve bought it, it’s never one I really thought I would like. We were in duty free on the way back from Amsterdam, with some cash leftover and this was on offer for Β£20 for 100ml. I couldn’t say no really. 

It’s lovely and light, but I find the scent doesn’t last long on me at all. It’s a really floral smell, that turns into a vanilla cupcake scent. 

I won’t buy this again for the reason that the scent doesn’t last. 


Light Blue by Dolce and Gabanna 

I LOVE this perfume. It was the first bottle I bought with my own money. I’ve been wearing it since my early teens, this is another one that I will always have until they no longer make it. 

Another one that’s quite floral but i like to wear it daily (my bottles nearly out). It’s casual and breezy. It’s most deffo my chosen summer scent. 

It smells citrusy, like a combination of limes and flowers. With slight undertones of musk and cedar.  


Absynthe by Christian Lacroix  

Wahhhhhh I HATE that this has been discontinued. πŸ˜“ I still manage to get it on EBay but I’m paying well over the odds. I also own his NUIT scent. But it’s not the same. For those of you that don’t know, this was a fragrance sold by Avon. I bought it for years and got it every Christmas too. 

The scent is a perfect mix of orchid, musk and freesia. It lasts for a few hours too. Perfect for nights out.   

So that’s what is currently lined up on my dressing table (as well as the worlds smallest bottle of Noa by cacharell which Penelope likes to wear). 

Please give me some recommendations or reviews of what perfumes you like! So I can send away for some samples. 

Hope you enjoyed the blog, thanks for reading.