Mac lip liner dupes (NYX edition) 


Just a mini blog tonight because I’m exhausted after having lots of fun with the kids today in the sun! 

So basically I love lip liners. I love how they can change the shape of your mouth instantly without any effort. I really love all of the Mac range but like I said in my lipstick dupe post, I just can’t afford to buy them all the time. 

So as time as gone by, I’ve tried lots of different cheaper brands to see if I can find some similar colours. Now obviously I only wear certain shades of lippy, so can only comment on the ones I’ve tried but in almost certain there will be a dupe for every shade they stock. 

NYX seem to be the favourite so far, which Helps because I adore anything by them. So here’s a few I’ve tried and tested, I wish I had them all to swatch but currently I now only own NYX because I loved them so much. 

Mac – Current = NYX – Deep Purple


Mac – Cherry = NYX – Plush Red  


Mac – Spice = NYX – Coffee  


Mac – Stripdown = NYX – Nude Beige  


Mac – Dervish = NYX – Peekaboo Neutral  


And my absolute favourite because it’s practically sold out everywhere! 

Mac – Whirl = NYX – Mauve  


Again I hope this has been helpful and helps you save some money! Please let me know down below if you know any other dupes as I’m always on the lookout! 

Thanks again for reading. 



Mac lipstick dupes (Revlon Edition) 


I love Mac, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes I just can’t afford to fork out that kind of money on a lipstick! So I started trying to find Dupes in other brands that were much cheaper, where I could still get the colour and look I was going for! 

So here’s a list of a few different shades that I’ve tried and tested. 

Mac – Dark Side = Revlon – Berry Cherry


Mac – Ruby Woo = Revlon – Really Red 


Mac – Snob = Revlon – Pink Pout 


Mac – Nouveau = Revlon – Stormy Pink 


Mac – Vegas Volt = Revlon – Coral Berry 


Mac – Ravishing = Revlon – Smoked Peach 


Mac – Speed Dial = Revlon – Carnation 


Mac – Cyber = Revlon – Va Va Violet 


Mac – Angel = Revlon – Primrose 

Hope this helps some of you out! And save some pennies while you’re at it. Revlon is one of my favourite Lipstick brands but I really do love Mac as a treat.

Thanks for reading. Let me know down below if you know any good Mac dupes.