Mini lush Haul 😍😍



I was super excited that I checked Lush online at the weekend, as some of the products that were Oxford street exclusives had been made available for purchase 😀 

Sadly I couldn’t afford to get all of them this week, with the run up to Xmas we are obviously getting all the presents in, but I did get the main ones I wanted to try! YAY

So here’s what I ordered: 

The Comforter Shower Cream

The comforter bubble bar is my absolute favourite. Smells like sherbet 💕💕 can’t wait to try this. 

Pink flamingo reusable bubble bar 

Smells like a summery cocktail! I must admit I was attracted to this just because simply it was a flamingo 😏

Frozen Bath bomb 

One for the kids! I always buy them something in my hauls and have been desperate to get this one. 

Experimenter Bath bomb 

Just because it’s so colourful!! Looks amazing. 

Intergalactic Bath bomb 

Smells divine and looks beautiful! 


Will be doing a separate blog post to review about these in the coming weeks! So keep an eye out. 

Also while I’m here, a special thanks to my good friend Rhi, who sent me this beautiful Gift set from Lush last week.  

I hadn’t tried either of the products before but they smell absolutely amazing! The soap leaves a lasting smell on my skin for ages! 


If you have tried any of them let me know what you thought in the comments below! 

Thanks for reading. 



Glossy box unboxing (July Edition) 



It’s finally here! I feel like I’ve been waiting FOREVER. But it was SO worth the wait. 

The box is super duper pretty this month as its a French edition. And I think this is the first glossy box where I’m super excited to try everything in it! 

The box ❤️

It’s so cute, I adore the illustrations on it. I’m not sure about anyone else but I use my boxes to store my excess makeup in. I was pretty devastated that I had to throw out my Marilyn box from the Hollywood edition, because it was covered in makeup. But this box far surpasses that one anyway! Yay!    


What’s in it? 

Noxidoxi – Enhancing serum base 

Lollipops – Lip Balm Delicieuse 

Teoxane Cosmeceuticals – Perfect skin Refiner 

Yves Rocher – Comme use evidence eau de parfum

Glossybox exclusive Travel pouch



What I’m excited to try! 

I love the whole thing if I’m honest. But I’m most excited about the perfume and the perfect skin refiner. 

I also absolutely love the little travel bag. It’s gorgeous!!! 

If you haven’t already subscribed to Glossybox, it’s most certainly worth £13.50 per month. You can browse their website and sign up here >> Glossy box

Thanks for reading my lovelies. I can’t wait to review these and tell you all about them in future blogs!! 

Viva la France! 

Scentsy Wickless Warmer Review 


Today I was sent my first ever product to review by a company. I was super excited to try it and rightly so because it’s fabulous!  


The Scentsy Wickless Warmer: 


I basically plugged this in as soon as I recieved it this morning, because I was so excited to try it out. Super simple to use! 


With only a quarter of the wax melt burnt my lounge and kitchen already smells magnificent. I’m currently burning the coconut cotton and already the fragrance is quite powerful from such a little amount of wax melt. That leads me to think that you could get even more from your money by cutting each wax melt in half? 

The catalog has such a wide range of burners starting from £28 upwards. They are absolutely beautiful and in my opinion well worth the money.  

 They would make wonderful gifts all year round, with a huge amount of wax melt scents too choose from at an affordable price too. 

You know me, I’m a a bit obsessed with candles, incense, aromatherapy oils, room infusers etc. I always like my home smelling beautiful. 

Every night when the kids go to bed, I light my normal tea light candle burner, adding either salts, oil or wax melts. I light my 7 candles that currently rest on my television unit. And I have a room infuser. All of these things combined give off a nice smell but nothing like the Scentsy warmer. In fact, no where close to it. 

I know what you are going to ask next. Does it compare to the almighty Yankee candle? Well my lovelies, not only does it compare, it smashes it. Yes, Yankee are lovely, they smell beautiful. I’ve never really got on with their wax melts though. They don’t last very long and although they smell great, it’s not a long lasting fragrance and it certainly doesn’t fill the room. 

The candles smell amazing when you give them a quick sniff, no doubt. But they are no different to the similar shaped candles you can pick up from Tesco for around £8. For the money you pay for Yankee, you would expect them to do something spectacular, when really they are just an expensive nice smelling candle that looks pretty. They don’t fill the entire room with the scent, but they are nice to have in small rooms like a bathroom, small lounge, kitchen area in my opinion. It doesn’t make me love Yankee any less, but this product does show them up!

I’ve just left the room to grab something and have come back into the lounge. It smells like Malibu in here. And that’s from about half of the wax melted. I can’t explain how good it smells as I fear I wouldn’t be doing it justice. 

The scent has literally filled my entire flat now after burning for only 2 hours, I have never had that from any type of candle or oil burner. 



Is it worth the money? 

In my opinion, absolutely. I spend a silly amount of money on candles/oils/salts trying to get my house smelling pretty. But nothing I have ever bought has come near to this. The whole point in these is to save money. I’ve included a picture below to show you how it works out as an approximate. It’s certainly going on my list for Christmas.  


If anyone’s interested in purchasing one of these for yourself or for a present. You can browse the catalogue and order here >>> 

Katie’s Wickless Warmers

Thank you to Katie who is a Scentsy consultant for sending me this product to try out. I can’t wait to purchase my own and try lots of lovely wax melt scents. 

Thanks so much for reading lovelies! Hope you enjoyed this blog. Let me know if you have tried these before or if it’s something you think you would like! 



And now for the boring disclaimer: 

This is a personal blog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the company that have sent me the product to review. I have not been paid, the item was sent to me on a trial basis so that I could review it. 

My favourite perfumes 


I’ve very nearly finished all my perfumes and I’m looking for some new ones to try (and pop on my Christmas list). So I thought I would do a quick list of my favourites. These are the ones I have consistently used for years now, some of them have even been discontinued now, I hate it when that happens! 

Agent Provocateur 

I used to pay quite a lot of money for this, but I’ve managed to find a perfume outlet on eBay that usually retails it for around £35 for 100ml. I generally wear this on special occasions or nights out. 

 Agent Provocateur is the signature fragrance of the company.  Its sharp, very intensive and very provocative scent has become a modern classic. My Grandma was who first introduced me to it around 15 years ago. It combines Indian saffron, coriander from Russia, Egyptian Jasmine and Vetivert from Haiti among other exotic elements. It is wonderfully placed in a pink porcelain bottle in the shape of an egg, tied with a ribbon to finish it off. 

Although this fragrance may seem quite strong when first sprayed, the after scent it leaves is much more floral with a hint of musk. 

This is my absolute favourite perfume, and I will always have a bottle of it on my dressing table for as long as they continue to make it.  


Angel by Theirry Mugler

I haven’t met many people that don’t like Angel, but I have met people that have said it smells different on me then it does them. My Grandma being one of them. This is one of the only perfumes I’ve found to last all day. The scent make weaken slightly but it doesn’t leave. 

It’s a scent that cannot be confused for another. You would know the scent if someone wearing it was too walk past. 

I generally wear this in the winter, it strikes me as a winter scent, I’m not sure why. Maybe because it’s warm and inviting. I personally think it smells like Patchouli and jasmine to begin with then it has a chocolate and vanilla undertone when it weakens a bit. But that’s how it smells on me, you may think different!  


Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture 

Pretty and girly! Flowers, flowers, more flowers and then maybe a touch of sandlewood. This is my everyday fragrance at the moment. It’s the first time I’ve bought it, it’s never one I really thought I would like. We were in duty free on the way back from Amsterdam, with some cash leftover and this was on offer for £20 for 100ml. I couldn’t say no really. 

It’s lovely and light, but I find the scent doesn’t last long on me at all. It’s a really floral smell, that turns into a vanilla cupcake scent. 

I won’t buy this again for the reason that the scent doesn’t last. 


Light Blue by Dolce and Gabanna 

I LOVE this perfume. It was the first bottle I bought with my own money. I’ve been wearing it since my early teens, this is another one that I will always have until they no longer make it. 

Another one that’s quite floral but i like to wear it daily (my bottles nearly out). It’s casual and breezy. It’s most deffo my chosen summer scent. 

It smells citrusy, like a combination of limes and flowers. With slight undertones of musk and cedar.  


Absynthe by Christian Lacroix  

Wahhhhhh I HATE that this has been discontinued. 😓 I still manage to get it on EBay but I’m paying well over the odds. I also own his NUIT scent. But it’s not the same. For those of you that don’t know, this was a fragrance sold by Avon. I bought it for years and got it every Christmas too. 

The scent is a perfect mix of orchid, musk and freesia. It lasts for a few hours too. Perfect for nights out.   

So that’s what is currently lined up on my dressing table (as well as the worlds smallest bottle of Noa by cacharell which Penelope likes to wear). 

Please give me some recommendations or reviews of what perfumes you like! So I can send away for some samples. 

Hope you enjoyed the blog, thanks for reading.