Monthly favourites : August Edition 

Wow these summer holidays have been LONG. Anyone else excited for the kids to be back at school next week? 

I really feel like I haven’t been able to do many blogs at all during the holidays, so massive apologies but I just haven’t really had the time at all. 
So, monthly favourites! 
Glossy Box 

The August Glossy box was pretty awesome. 4 Full size products instead of the usual 1 full size. All great products and all that I’ve been using daily since it came! 

Personal favourite is the toner by NaoBay. Having used a few items from this company before I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. I absolutely love the packaging too. I would say it’s been one of the best toners I’ve tried and I’m SUPER happy it was a full size instead of a sample!  

Real techniques expert face brush 

Honestly don’t know what I ever did before this brush? I use it for everything! It’s so amazing, my makeup goes on beautifully and blends really well. I would recommend this brush to everyone! 

My bedroom purchases 

My bedroom is no where near finished, but it’s at the point where it looks comfortable enough to wait a little while to do anything else (after Christmas preferably when I actually have money 😂). 

The mandala wall hangings were sent from India but purchased on eBay for 13.99 each which is a huge bargain considering places like urban outfitters sell them for around £40. 

Also the individual drapes/voile on my 4 poster bed were only £2 each, which I think transformed the whole room on its own.  
Down the rabbit hole

I started this book a few weeks ago, I don’t have much time to read at the moment but I haven’t been able to put it down! Lots of secrets being exposed about Hugh Hefner, very interesting read! I picked my copy up from Amazon on pre order for around £13.  
Kate Moss Long lasting Nude lipstick range 

Thanks to a dear friend I managed to complete my collection of the nude range. And I absolutely LOVE them all. They last well, are moisturising and smell lovely! Best of all they are cheap!! 

I will be doing a blog soon swatching all of them for you. So keep an eye out!  

Lush Cosmetics – The Comforter Shower Cream 

If you don’t like sweet smells then this won’t be for you. But my oh my does this smell good enough to eat! Leaves me smelling like candy for hours. I absolutely love it!! 

I’ve been waiting for it to become a sinks for a while as it was an Oxford street exclusive. The comforter bubble bar is one of my favourite products by them so I knew I would love this. 


So that’s my monthly favourites! Thanks so much for reading. Let me know if you have tried any of the above products and what you thought in the comments down below. 




Quiet time = Impossible 


I’m super sorry I’ve been so quiet this past week, the kids have got me demented (damn you summer holidays). 

I literally have zero time to myself, so I’m finding it difficult to be able to blog at the minute but I will try and do a few beauty reviews this week when I eventually get around to it. I have a few other items and companies that I want to talk about too, so hopefully at some point this week I may actually get some time to do it! 

This house has been full of tantrums/meltdowns/fighting/crying and I’m EXHAUSTED. 

It’s really difficult keeping both the kids entertained because they like different things. I don’t get out a lot due to Harri not really coping well outdoors (ASD and sensory issues) and I really struggle when I’m on my own. 

I really feel the need for some time to meditate at the minute, but finding perfect silence is almost impossible when you have children! I’m going to grab my Zen colouring book and give that a go instead. 

Thanks so much for reading. Hope you are all well! 




Santa baby? Christmas wish list ❤️❤️


Yes, I know it’s early. But we are super early shoppers in this house! We started in February this year, which I think is even record setting for me! 

But we do like to make a big deal at Christmas time, I love spoiling my children and family. But what I enjoy most is being all together in the Christmas holidays. 

I’m not going to lie. I’m awesome at buying gifts. Sean however, not so much. But he is getting better! He knows to stay away from clothing/accessories unless I specifically point them out. And I know he makes his own little list throughout the year of things I’ve mentioned. Last Christmas he got me some great things! But I do always like to make a list, so that he can pick a few things from it. 

Dear Santa (Sean)


  • Books: 

The art of zen colouring books. Yes please!! You can pick these up everywhere at the minute, ranging from around £3/£10 depending on size. I love anything arty, but because it’s all to do with relaxing your mind, it makes me want them even more! 




All the bright places by Jennifer Niven 

One of my favourite you tube bloggers recently had this book on her June favourites (Zoella). I love reading and will read just about anything aslong as it has good reviews! When Zoella mentioned it, it was immediately placed on my list as it sounds like a book that I would really enjoy. 


5 year Q&A Journal 

Another one recommended by Zoella. It sounded really fun so would really like to try it. 365 questions for you too answer, 1 per day, then revisit every year for 5 years so that you can see how your answers have changed over time. 


  • Candles 

The bath and body works candles and the paddy wax candle will be a bit more expensive than I usually pay because they will be from America! But they are supposed to smell absolutely amazing! 

 Bow ties and bourbon 


Istanbul – Sparkling Amber

Soybean Massage Candle 

Rosemary and thyme 

  • Perfume 


  • Miscellaneous 

I love anything to do with Alice in wonderland. Especially the original illustrations. I thought this would look really cute on my dressing table with perfume or bits of makeup on. Failing that, it can always go in the kitchen! 


Some new mugs for my kitchen! Been long over due. There are only 4 shown here but I think there are 8 in total. I love them. Especially the Mad hatter one as he’s my favourite character. 

The angels sang when I seen this bag. My friend bought it not so long ago from Kurt Geiger and I just fell in love with it. I have been searching for the longest time for the perfect tan bag, and this is it! I love it so much. 

Acrylic Makeup Storage. I desperately need some of the larger draws for my palettes. I don’t really have a lot of room on my dressing table. So I’m hoping once the bedroom has been decorated that Sean will put some shelves up above it to give me some more storage space! 


  • Makeup

NYX soft matte lip cream in the shades : 



Abu Dhabi



Makeup revolution bronze highlighter palette 


Makeup revolution iconic blush, bronze and lighten palette 

Makeup revolution ultra blush palette  –  Golden sugar 

Makeup revolution – All about cream blush palette 

Makeup Revolution ultra blush palette – All about pink 

Makeup Revolution ultra blush palette – Hot spice 


Estée Lauder double wear foundation – Fresco  

  • Skin care 

Body shop – Drops of youth bouncy sleeping mask    

Pixi skin treats – Glow tonic with aloe Vera and ginseng

So that’s my list. Some things may change and I may update it as and when! There were items of makeup I was desperate to try, but then I’ve recently seen some bad reviews so I decided against them! 

Hopefully this gives Sean a little bit of help! Please let me know if you have tried any of the products I’ve listed and what you thought of them in the comments! 

Thanks for reading lovelies 




My summer reading 💕💕


I absolutely love reading. I will read pretty much about anything, but with the children it’s hard to find the time! By the kids bedtime I’m usually exhausted and although reading sometimes helps me wind down, I usually find myself sticking a film on most nights and getting into bed! 

But I’m determined this summer to read more instead of watching movies every night. 

So here’s a few that I’ve bought recently: 

Grey – E.L James 

The 4th book in the Fifty shades of Grey series. But this time told by Christians perspective. I’m really looking forward to this book. I loved the trilogy and I really think this book will help readers identify with Christian more. It’s on my bedside table.. Ready and waiting! 


Down the Rabbit hole – Holly Maddison 

(Pre order from Amazon) 

Still currently waiting for this to be released but I have pre ordered it. I really enjoyed the TV programme ‘The girls next door’. I know that Holly has disclosed quite a bit in this book, which is why I’m intrigued to read it!  Not usually my type of book, but sometimes the odd few pop up which end up being on my must read list. 


Nothing but the truth – Vicky Pattinson  

Again not usually my type of book, however I love Geordie shore (I know, I just cringed a bit too) and I really love Vicky. So I felt like I bought it more out of love for her more than the love of the actual book! 

Darkness tell us – Richard Laymon

My book shelf is full of unread Richard Laymon books and I’m slowly working my way through them. I love his style of writing, in fact I basically haven’t read a bad book of his yet. Everything about his books keep me hooked and wanting to continue reading till the early hours. 

So that’s my reading list currently for summer! What books are you reading at the moment? I’m always looking for new recommendations xx