Movie Review Monday: Spy


SPY – Rating 9/10

120 mins 


CIA desk agent Susan Cooper is the real hero behind some of the most dangerous missions in her agency. But when all the top field agents are compromised, she volunteers to go undercover to infiltrate a deadly arms dealer and prevent a global disaster. 

What I thought: 

Melissa Mcarthy is one of my favourite actresses. I’ve loved every movie she’s been in, but for some reason I really wasn’t looking forward to this. 

However like the rest, I found myself laughing from beginning to end. It has a great cast and who new Jason Statham could be so funny?! 

It’s everything I would want from a movie, foul mouthed, witty, hilariously disgusting and violent all rolled into one silly script. I even enjoyed the fact it was basically a spoof of a bond movie. (Dare I say I enjoyed it more than any bond film). 

So if you haven’t already seen it, watch it. I thoroughly enjoyed it!!