Toy review Tuesday! 


Fisherprice Disney Little People  


I absolutely adore this range and so do the kids. 

We started collecting them last Christmas.

We started with the Disney castle, Ariel carriage and Cinderella carriage.  

Then for Penelope’s birthday added in the Cinderella dance floor and the Tangled tower.  


As with all Fisherprice toys, they are sturdy, thick plastic. Colourful and fun, pretty much indestructible which is a big thing to look for In this house! But because they are Disney related the kids seem to show a lot more interest. 

And even though these were purchased for Penelope, Harri really enjoys them too. And it’s not often that he’s bothered with toys at all, unless they are sensory related, it’s also go them kind of playing together side by side. Which is a huge step for Harri. 


What I find great about this range, is that there is so much too choose from. Meaning that I can purchase bits to add to her collection every birthday/Xmas etc. 

We have already got her a few bits for Xmas, including the Aurora and the fairies package, Clip clop horse track and the Aladdin/jasmine magic carpet. 

Yes obviously, some of the toys are quite large. So storage can sometimes be an issue. Penelope’s room is super tiny, but currently we are managing well. I can’t say I will be saying the same come Christmas time!  


If you are struggling for ideas on Christmas presents, I absolutely recommend anything from this range. There is a massive amount to choose from (try Ebay for some of the rarer bits) and any small child that loves Disney will love these! 

Thanks for reading lovelies! 




Sensory Sunday!


So this week instead of reviewing a sensory toy/product. I decided to share with you the wonderful and cheap world of DIY Sensory bottles! 

We’ve been collecting the cheap miniature pop bottles from the Asda own kids range. Which are a perfect size for this! 

You can fill them with absolutely anything. The water ones are great as they make the objects float. 

You can also make noise ones without water! This is one of the water ones I made for Penelope. Its just water filled to the top and then we put some of the craft Pom Poms in. She played with it for ages! 

I can’t take credit for this idea, it came from the fantastic world of Pinterest. Here’s a few we are going to make over the coming months.  
If you wanted some better bottles/containers I’m sure anything will do that is light and has a screw cap. I seen these ones on Pinterest and think they are fab but have yet to find containers like these.  
Here’s a quick list of things we have used, feel free to pop your own ideas in the comments! You can pretty much use anything. 

  • Beads
  • Ribbons 
  • Sand 
  • Water 
  • Glitter 
  • Pipe cleaners 
  • Pom Poms 
  • Googly eyes 
  • Food colouring 
  • Foam shapes 
  • Foam letters 
  • Foam numbers 
  • Rice 
  • Pasta 
  • Glitter glue 
  • Glow in the dark paint/glitter/shapes 
  • Buttons 
  • Dice
  • Water beads 
  • Fake flowers 

Hope you have enjoyed this blog. These are so easy and cheap to make. My kids both love them (Aged 4 and 2). Harri has sensory processing disorder alongside His diagnoses of Autism. So he absolutely loves anything like this. 

They are also great for baby sensory play! 

Thanks for reading! 


Toy review Tuesday – Disney Animator Dolls 


We started collecting these at Christmas and we would absolutely love Penelope to own the entire collection. She currently has Ana, Pocohontus, jasmine and tinker bell. She adores them but they also look lovely on her shelf. 

The dolls seem really well made but like with everything their hair can get messy after a while so we have found ourselves tying them in pony tails to try and keep them in good condition. 

The only problem we have had is with tinker bell. Penelope only had her a week and her head fell off. We hadn’t kept any of the original packaging or receipt so didn’t think we would be able to take her back although we have not tried. When looking on Disney store reviews it seems to be a common problem but only with the Tinker bell doll. The rest have been absolutely fine with great reviews.  

That certainly hasn’t put us off buying more, we already have a few on Penelope’s Christmas list and at £20 each we think they are an excellent price. 

 There are more to the collection that above, you can get the frozen characters also. Some of them also come in sets with extra clothes/props (obviously they are more expensive) and they also come in miniature sets too. 

So if your children love Disney I would definitely recommend these toys! Just not tinker bell which is a shame but I wouldn’t want you to waste your money for it to break!

Thanks for reading! 



Sensory Sunday! 

Wooden Sensory Blocks 

I’m a little bit obsessed with looking for really funky sensory toys for the kids. Amongst making some of our own and buying things other people have recommended, I search the net trying to find the next best thing. 
What is slightly irritating is the price ranges. Sensory toys are most certainly not cheap, but sometimes you can find some really great things that are totally worth the money.  

Harri attends a nursery specifically for children with Autism. So as you can imagine they have some of the most amazing sensory toys/areas and so we often find ourselves purchasing bits and bobs we have seen him interested in within school. He’s not into toys really so when we don’t find something he seems to enjoy we generally buy them. 

On a parents morning we noticed these on one of the tables and I thought they looked great. Not just for Harri but Penelope too. 

They were £40.80 inclusive of VAT, plus postage. And I know that might seem a tad expensive but the kids really do love them. 

You get 16 natural hardwood blocks with liquid, beads, glitter and sand centres all with different colours. They are great for sensory stimulus. You can shake, stack, build and hold them up to the light. And are ideal for shape recognition and simple block building tasks. 

Harri does play with them when he’s not fixated on his cars/books etc. But Penelope absolutely loves them and can play with them for a good hour before moving onto something else. 

They are available from the following website

Thanks so much for reading, I will be trying to make Sensory Sunday blogs every week, hopefully adding some DIY bits along the way. 



Train table DIY

  So as most of you will know by now my little boy Harri is autistic. He’s 4 years old and since he was about 2 he’s been absolutely obsessed with Disney cars. 

We have tried absolutely everything to get him more interested in playing with them instead of just rolling them back and forth. And finally we came up with an idea. We would build him some kind of table track. 

Around the same time started to take an interest in planes (Disney Planes came out and he loved the film) and he started to play with trains too. So last year for a Christmas present we decided we would make him a train table. 

We had seen so many on Pinterest that we wanted to buy but couldn’t seem to find one anywhere that was in a suitable price range or the size/shape that we needed. So we decided to make one. 

Sean measured the space underneath Harris sofa in his playroom so that we could make it to slide under that for storage. We cut a large piece of wood, sanded the edges. Then bought some castor wheels from screw fix and attached them to the corners. 

We then purchased the full IKEA train set, sat for about an hour trying to fit the pieces perfectly on the table. And then once in place we glued them. 

It made the perfect Xmas present and cost around £30 in total. He uses this as a train table, car track and airport. And although he still doesn’t have any imaginative play, he does at least push the train and cars around the track and up the ramps etc, which is a big milestone for him. 

Here it is 💕💕 


My daughter loves it too! 

Hope you enjoyed this blog. If you want any extra info on how we made this just comment below! 
Thanks for reading 💕💕💕

Toy Review Tuesday 

Asda wooden kitchen 

I want to start by saying that I have few items from the wooden range they currently stock. We have the following:



Tea set 

High chair 


We have been super happy with what we have bought. Penelope adores them and plays with them constantly. They were all Xmas presents. 
We were really in two minds whether to buy the IKEA kitchen or the Asda. Both had good reviews at the time. But we decided on the Asda so that it would match everything else. 

Massive mistake. 

By the February the right hand side door had already fallen off. I rang Asda to enquire about having a spare metal pin sent out as that had snapped off. They said they couldn’t but would more than happily provide a replacement if I had the purchase receipt, which I didn’t. 

In March there was an announcement made that some of the batches were affected with faulty hinges on the door. What confused me was that mine didn’t have hinges. It attached with 2 little metal pins. I rang Asda again and gave them my batch number. It wasn’t in the range so they refused to give us a new one. 

By the end of March the draw had broken into 2 pieces. 

We are now in June and the microwave door has come off due to another snapped metal pin. 

My kids aren’t any more destructive than the norm, they look after their toys. Penelope loves playing with the kitchen, so as you can imagine it’s quite disappointing for it to have broken so easily and so quickly. 

The rest of the range has been absolutely fine, no problems at all. Maybe we just got a faulty one but Having a quick look online for other reviews of this product, they all seem to be saying the same. Also I found Asda less than helpful in rectifying the problem, in fact their customer service pretty much put me off from ever buying anything from them again. 
So to sum it up, I wouldn’t buy the kitchen again. I wouldn’t even want the replacement. We’re going to purchase the IKEA kitchen which is slightly more expensive, for Christmas.
Even though the Asda one is broken, it’s not posing any risk so Penelope can play with it still. Here’s a picture of how it currently looks, and a picture of the microwave door with the metal pins that keep snapping.  

Thanks so much for reading! Have any of you had the same problems? Or has yours been ok? Let me know!