I cut my hair off for charity! 


Thought I would give you all a quick update on my hair! 

Basically if you have been following me for a while you will know that I dyed my hair black to blonde. Then purple and eventually grey. 

I tried everything to keep my hair grey but even the hairdressers couldn’t get it to last longer than a week. 

My hair was left in really bad condition, and along with my hair falling out due to stress my dermatitis on my scalp was pretty bad. 

So I decided to dye it back to black. Although this slightly helped with the condition. I felt my hair still looked and felt dreadful. 

As most of you know my little boy is autistic. So I decided to cut my hair off and raise money for the National Autistic Society. They have been such a great source of information since the diagnoses process started and I wanted to be able to give something back. 

So I went from this :  


To this :  


The hairdresser did get a bit scissor happy. And it was slightly shorter than I wanted which makes it difficult to style the original way I wanted too. However I really love it, I actually prefer wearing it in the pixie style. 

Now when my hair grows back eventually it will be in great condition! 

I managed to raise over £450 thanks to my very generous and wonderful friends. 

So just another shoutout to those of you who did donate. Thankyou so much for making this transition so much easier by donating what you could. It is massively appreciated and I love you all. 

Thanks for reading! 



Real techniques brushes review 💕💕



Not so long ago, I only ever used a very basic sponge to apply my foundation, and a cheap brush to apply powder/blush/bronzer. 

It wasn’t until I entered the world of contouring that I started to purchase different types of brushes for each individual step. The difference I have found is massive! 

I first purchased the Real Techniques Core kit. Alongside a few different contour pallets. I’ve found they have worked best with the Makeup Revolution Cover and conceal cream contour pallets.  


The brushes are lovely though, soft and never loose bristles. Easy to clean and easy to apply makeup. I have my own ways of doing things so I know that I’m not using the brushes for the right things but they work well for me! 

Also the Real techniques Expert Face brush is by far the best brush I have ever used. I use it too apply my foundation (currently using Estée Lauder double wear). It goes on perfectly and blends beautifully.  


The only brush from Real Techniques that I haven’t liked is the sculpting brush. For me I personally think it’s too hard to sculpt. It’s also quite chunky so doesn’t work well with some of my smaller powder contour kits (current favourite is Seventeen or collection). So I’m disappointed I bought that. Because it doesn’t get used at all.  


Overall I absolutely love them. I still have a few more that I want from the original range. And I have a few of the bold metals brushes and also the fibre collection on my Christmas list!  The bold metals are more expensive, but they look amazing and I’ve heard great things about them! 


So if you are looking for inexpensive starter brushes to build your collection these are the ones I would suggest! 

Hope everyone is well, sorry I haven’t been around for a while. Summer holidays were manic and it’s just finding the time to get back into the swing of things! 

Thanks for reading. Leave a comment down below if you use any of the Real Techniques range and what you think of them! 



Monthly favourites : August Edition 

Wow these summer holidays have been LONG. Anyone else excited for the kids to be back at school next week? 

I really feel like I haven’t been able to do many blogs at all during the holidays, so massive apologies but I just haven’t really had the time at all. 
So, monthly favourites! 
Glossy Box 

The August Glossy box was pretty awesome. 4 Full size products instead of the usual 1 full size. All great products and all that I’ve been using daily since it came! 

Personal favourite is the toner by NaoBay. Having used a few items from this company before I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. I absolutely love the packaging too. I would say it’s been one of the best toners I’ve tried and I’m SUPER happy it was a full size instead of a sample!  

Real techniques expert face brush 

Honestly don’t know what I ever did before this brush? I use it for everything! It’s so amazing, my makeup goes on beautifully and blends really well. I would recommend this brush to everyone! 

My bedroom purchases 

My bedroom is no where near finished, but it’s at the point where it looks comfortable enough to wait a little while to do anything else (after Christmas preferably when I actually have money 😂). 

The mandala wall hangings were sent from India but purchased on eBay for 13.99 each which is a huge bargain considering places like urban outfitters sell them for around £40. 

Also the individual drapes/voile on my 4 poster bed were only £2 each, which I think transformed the whole room on its own.  
Down the rabbit hole

I started this book a few weeks ago, I don’t have much time to read at the moment but I haven’t been able to put it down! Lots of secrets being exposed about Hugh Hefner, very interesting read! I picked my copy up from Amazon on pre order for around £13.  
Kate Moss Long lasting Nude lipstick range 

Thanks to a dear friend I managed to complete my collection of the nude range. And I absolutely LOVE them all. They last well, are moisturising and smell lovely! Best of all they are cheap!! 

I will be doing a blog soon swatching all of them for you. So keep an eye out!  

Lush Cosmetics – The Comforter Shower Cream 

If you don’t like sweet smells then this won’t be for you. But my oh my does this smell good enough to eat! Leaves me smelling like candy for hours. I absolutely love it!! 

I’ve been waiting for it to become a sinks for a while as it was an Oxford street exclusive. The comforter bubble bar is one of my favourite products by them so I knew I would love this. 


So that’s my monthly favourites! Thanks so much for reading. Let me know if you have tried any of the above products and what you thought in the comments down below. 



How my bedroom is currently looking! 

So a couple of weeks ago I did a mini blog about wanting to decorate my room, without actually decorating because I’m super lazy. 

I posted some inspiration pics from Pinterest and although our room looks nothing like them, I think it’s coming along quite nicely! 

The problem with decorating our bedroom is that we are in rented property and that one particular room is wood chip wallpaper. I refuse to strip it because it would take absolutely AGES. And because r the school holidays and we have no one to watch the kids, painting is just out of the option. 

So basically I took to eBay and ordered a lot of mandala wall hangings to cover the walls. Until we can find time to at least paint them!  

So here’s how it’s looking so far.. 




And the kids love it too (don’t think I’ve ever had to remake a bed so many times in my whole life) 


It’s finally beginning to feel like a haven again, instead of it just being somewhere to sleep. 

The other night I got into bed, stuck some relaxing music on from you tube, lit some candles and insence and read my book for a bit. It was lovely. 

Still a lot left to do though, I’m going to re paint my chest of drawers, chair and bookshelf. And re cover the ottoman and chair with a different material as they are currently floral. Need a few more wall hangings and some ornamental bits and hopefully it will be finished. 

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think so far. 



Lush Review: Intergalactic Bath Bomb 


Intergalactic Bath Bomb  


I must admit that I was a little jealous that Sean said he was going to use this one in his bath last night. After all, I’ve waited months for it to be available online, as again it has been one of the Oxford street exclusives. 

However we decided to share it, so that I could sill blog about it! 

Where to begin. 

There’s nothing I didn’t like about this product. In fact, I absolutely loved it. 

Smells absolutely amazing! A Very floral fragrance filled the bathroom as soon as it entered the water. And as it fixed away, a midst the dark blue you could see a blanket of glitter in the water. 

Although as not brightly coloured as the experimenter, this was far more beautiful. It really did look like a galaxy in my bath tub.  


Because of how much glitter was visible in the water, we honestly expected to come out absolutely covered. But this wasn’t the case. Yes we were shimmering slightly, but again it was nothing like the Phoenix rising bath bomb. 

The smell on my skin afterwards lasted all night. I would recommend this to anyone, and I think kids would love it too. It’s Deffo one of my absolute favourite Lush products and I know Sean really enjoyed it too. 

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have tried it and what you thought 


Things I’ve bought, that I’ve hated! 


It’s not often that I come across products that I really don’t like, or think ‘I really feel like I’ve wasted my money’, but there have been a few recently so I thought I would do a little blog about them! 
NYX HD Photogenique Primer and Finishing powder. 

Let me start off by saying that the powder is by far the biggest waste of money EVER. 

With it being for photographs specifically you would think it would be for all kinds of photography. Right? Wrong. Don’t use this product for photos you will be taking using a flash because it reflects the light, rendering the photo totally useless. 

It’s also the worst finishing powder I’ve ever come across. It does absolutely nothing to your makeup. Just don’t buy it. 

As for the primer, it’s sticky, smells a bit weird and I don’t like the consistency or the colour of it. It’s just not what I wanted in a primer at all. And I don’t feel like it makes my makeup go on any better than what it would without it! 

Now I’m a huge lover of NYX makeup. I but their stuff all the time and have never had complaints. But my god these products are terrible. 


Soap and Glory – Pillow Plump XXL

What is his supposed to do exactly? Because it certainly doesn’t plump my lips at all! No more than any other lipstick does. Because it’s a gloss it makes me hate it more. I’m not a huge fan of lip gloss to begin with, but because people always rave about this I thought I would give it a go! Doesn’t make me love soap and glory and less though. They still remain one of my favourite brands. 

But this. This was a waste of time. I hated it. 


Lip Voltage
Oh how excited I was when I managed to get this. It was old out everywhere at the time and my friend told me about a little salon somewhere that would post it out to me so I grabbed it while I could. 

Firstly, i had no idea how to use it so I just winged it the first time and very nearly burnt my lips off! Was absolutely horrendous. 

When I learnt how to use it though, although it may have slightly changed my lips when I first applied it. It didn’t hold for much longer than 5 minutes. All that stinging for having more plump lips for 5 minutes just wasn’t worth it. Not at all. 

I’d rather save my money and have lip fillers (which I actually did do in the end). 


So like I said, it’s really not often that I buy something I don’t like. I always read reviews or go off word of mouth. And I’m nearly always pleased. But these are some of the products that really stuck out in my mind as being terrible. 

Thanks for reading! Let me know down below if you have tried any of these and what you thought of them. 



Lush Cosmetics Product Review: The Experimenter 


The Experimenter Bath Bomb


This has a really strong smell, which I must admit when it first arrived I wasn’t particularly keen on. 

However I was so excited that it had finally appeared on the Lush website as its previously been a Oxford street exclusive. 

As soon as it hit the water, the smell seemed to immediately change. Into more of a floral and musk type smell. It actually reminded me of Ylang Ylang incense sticks! 


As you can see in the video, the second you drop it into the water, it gives off the most beautiful rainbow of colour. It also makes a crackling type noise which is something I haven’t experienced before from their bath bomb range. 



Once it has disolved, the water is a deep purple. If you use a bubble bar alongside prior to putting the bomb in, the colours will rest on the bubbles and last a bit longer. 

The smell remains on your skin once you are out the bath and have dried off. It also leaves a very light shimmer on your skin as it has some gold glitter in it, but nothing like the Pheonix Rising bath bomb, where it looks like you have bathed in a tub of glitter 😏

Would I recommend it? 

Most definitely, it’s the most colourful bath bomb I’ve tried from their collection so far, in fact nothing quite comes close to it. 

Kids will love it too because of how bright it is! 

Thanks for reading, let me know if you have tried this in the comments below and what you thought of it! 



Glossy Box : August 2015


It’s that time of the month again! Glossy box reveal! YAY

I’m actually super impressed with this months box.

There are 4 full size products and one sample size, instead of the normal 1 full size product. 


What’s inside! 



I think I’m most excited about the Toner and the Blush. But all the products look amazing. 

So it was just a very short post today, but wanted to share it with you all because I think they have out done themselves this month.

I did absolutely love last months, and have been using some of those products since. Keep an eye out for reviews of some of the Glossy products over the next week! 

Thanks for reading. 



Mini lush Haul 😍😍



I was super excited that I checked Lush online at the weekend, as some of the products that were Oxford street exclusives had been made available for purchase 😀 

Sadly I couldn’t afford to get all of them this week, with the run up to Xmas we are obviously getting all the presents in, but I did get the main ones I wanted to try! YAY

So here’s what I ordered: 

The Comforter Shower Cream

The comforter bubble bar is my absolute favourite. Smells like sherbet 💕💕 can’t wait to try this. 

Pink flamingo reusable bubble bar 

Smells like a summery cocktail! I must admit I was attracted to this just because simply it was a flamingo 😏

Frozen Bath bomb 

One for the kids! I always buy them something in my hauls and have been desperate to get this one. 

Experimenter Bath bomb 

Just because it’s so colourful!! Looks amazing. 

Intergalactic Bath bomb 

Smells divine and looks beautiful! 


Will be doing a separate blog post to review about these in the coming weeks! So keep an eye out. 

Also while I’m here, a special thanks to my good friend Rhi, who sent me this beautiful Gift set from Lush last week.  

I hadn’t tried either of the products before but they smell absolutely amazing! The soap leaves a lasting smell on my skin for ages! 


If you have tried any of them let me know what you thought in the comments below! 

Thanks for reading.