Mini Lush Haul šŸ’•šŸ’•šŸ’•


It’s that time again! My obsession is slowly getting out of hand. 

Yesterday I sat and wrote a list of products that are only available in the Oxford street store, and asked my friend that lives local (I’m in Newcastle) if she would mind popping in and getting it all for me! She said yes, so I am SUPER excited to do that. 

But to tide me over in the mean while, I did a bit of online shopping just to refil my lush box of goodies. 

Below are the items I got, with the name, price and ingredients listed. 

Love Soap 100g 


Tell the world why #GayisOk 


Dorothy Bubble Bar 


Leaves you feeling wizard



Sakura bath bomb 200g


Blooming lovely  


Rose Queen Bath Bomb 


When life needs more rosiness  

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb


This bombs made for lovin’  


Ickle Baby Bath Bomb 


Sleepy time soother  


Think Pink Bath Bomb 


Feel pretty in pink  


Green Bubbleroon 


Revive the summer and dry skin 


Dragons Egg Bath Bomb 


Feel ready to soar  



I will be doing individual reviews of these on another blog once I’ve tried them all. Some I’ve used before and some I haven’t. Keep an eye out for follow on blogs. 

Thanks so much for reading! If you love lush comment below your very favourite products incase I haven’t tried them!  



My Monthly Lush haul šŸ’•šŸ’•


I know I’m not alone in the Lush obsession. And it’s hard not to be obsessed really when the shop smells like some kind of fragrance dream land and looks almost edible. 

     Every month or so I pop into town and go a little bit mad in their store, and that’s not including the online purchases I make in emergencies. 

Not only do the products smell good, the smell lasts on your skin/hair all day and I’m happy to say that I’ve never found this from products like bath bombs/soaps before from elsewhere. 

My absolute must haves are the Strawberry D’Fluff, I have super sensitive skin, I get terrible shaving rash usually, but since using this I never get it anymore and it leaves my legs feeling silky smooth and smelling of strawberries. 

Breath of fresh air Toner water. I use this twice daily. When I wake up and before I go to sleep. It helps keep my skin clear and fresh. 

The Comforter bubble bar. I can’t describe how amazing it smells. Its so strong that it smells like it would taste like tangy sherbet if you ate it. It lasts on my skin for hours after a bath. 

Wiccy Magic muscles massage bar. It leaves an oily coating on your skin when you wash with it. The smell is absolutely amazing and really long lasting. It also makes my whole bathroom smell like a Lush store šŸ’•šŸ’• 

I went into town for my monthly supply of Lush goodies. Here’s my haul:  


I even bought a new wooden crate storage box from Primark (Ā£7) to keep all my Lush things in.  

Hope you enjoyed the blog! Let me know if you shop at lush and which are your favourite products or what would you recommend I try! 

Thanks for reading xx