I cut my hair off for charity! 


Thought I would give you all a quick update on my hair! 

Basically if you have been following me for a while you will know that I dyed my hair black to blonde. Then purple and eventually grey. 

I tried everything to keep my hair grey but even the hairdressers couldn’t get it to last longer than a week. 

My hair was left in really bad condition, and along with my hair falling out due to stress my dermatitis on my scalp was pretty bad. 

So I decided to dye it back to black. Although this slightly helped with the condition. I felt my hair still looked and felt dreadful. 

As most of you know my little boy is autistic. So I decided to cut my hair off and raise money for the National Autistic Society. They have been such a great source of information since the diagnoses process started and I wanted to be able to give something back. 

So I went from this :  


To this :  


The hairdresser did get a bit scissor happy. And it was slightly shorter than I wanted which makes it difficult to style the original way I wanted too. However I really love it, I actually prefer wearing it in the pixie style. 

Now when my hair grows back eventually it will be in great condition! 

I managed to raise over £450 thanks to my very generous and wonderful friends. 

So just another shoutout to those of you who did donate. Thankyou so much for making this transition so much easier by donating what you could. It is massively appreciated and I love you all. 

Thanks for reading! 



How my bedroom is currently looking! 

So a couple of weeks ago I did a mini blog about wanting to decorate my room, without actually decorating because I’m super lazy. 

I posted some inspiration pics from Pinterest and although our room looks nothing like them, I think it’s coming along quite nicely! 

The problem with decorating our bedroom is that we are in rented property and that one particular room is wood chip wallpaper. I refuse to strip it because it would take absolutely AGES. And because r the school holidays and we have no one to watch the kids, painting is just out of the option. 

So basically I took to eBay and ordered a lot of mandala wall hangings to cover the walls. Until we can find time to at least paint them!  

So here’s how it’s looking so far.. 




And the kids love it too (don’t think I’ve ever had to remake a bed so many times in my whole life) 


It’s finally beginning to feel like a haven again, instead of it just being somewhere to sleep. 

The other night I got into bed, stuck some relaxing music on from you tube, lit some candles and insence and read my book for a bit. It was lovely. 

Still a lot left to do though, I’m going to re paint my chest of drawers, chair and bookshelf. And re cover the ottoman and chair with a different material as they are currently floral. Need a few more wall hangings and some ornamental bits and hopefully it will be finished. 

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think so far. 



Lush Review: Intergalactic Bath Bomb 


Intergalactic Bath Bomb  


I must admit that I was a little jealous that Sean said he was going to use this one in his bath last night. After all, I’ve waited months for it to be available online, as again it has been one of the Oxford street exclusives. 

However we decided to share it, so that I could sill blog about it! 

Where to begin. 

There’s nothing I didn’t like about this product. In fact, I absolutely loved it. 

Smells absolutely amazing! A Very floral fragrance filled the bathroom as soon as it entered the water. And as it fixed away, a midst the dark blue you could see a blanket of glitter in the water. 

Although as not brightly coloured as the experimenter, this was far more beautiful. It really did look like a galaxy in my bath tub.  


Because of how much glitter was visible in the water, we honestly expected to come out absolutely covered. But this wasn’t the case. Yes we were shimmering slightly, but again it was nothing like the Phoenix rising bath bomb. 

The smell on my skin afterwards lasted all night. I would recommend this to anyone, and I think kids would love it too. It’s Deffo one of my absolute favourite Lush products and I know Sean really enjoyed it too. 

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have tried it and what you thought 


Lush Cosmetics Product Review: The Experimenter 


The Experimenter Bath Bomb


This has a really strong smell, which I must admit when it first arrived I wasn’t particularly keen on. 

However I was so excited that it had finally appeared on the Lush website as its previously been a Oxford street exclusive. 

As soon as it hit the water, the smell seemed to immediately change. Into more of a floral and musk type smell. It actually reminded me of Ylang Ylang incense sticks! 


As you can see in the video, the second you drop it into the water, it gives off the most beautiful rainbow of colour. It also makes a crackling type noise which is something I haven’t experienced before from their bath bomb range. 



Once it has disolved, the water is a deep purple. If you use a bubble bar alongside prior to putting the bomb in, the colours will rest on the bubbles and last a bit longer. 

The smell remains on your skin once you are out the bath and have dried off. It also leaves a very light shimmer on your skin as it has some gold glitter in it, but nothing like the Pheonix Rising bath bomb, where it looks like you have bathed in a tub of glitter 😏

Would I recommend it? 

Most definitely, it’s the most colourful bath bomb I’ve tried from their collection so far, in fact nothing quite comes close to it. 

Kids will love it too because of how bright it is! 

Thanks for reading, let me know if you have tried this in the comments below and what you thought of it! 



Sunshine Blogger award ☀️🌞🌅🌄

Thankyou so much to M who has nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award! 

If you haven’t already, check out her blog and give her a follow! 

The Rules: 

Thank the person/people who nominated you

Answer the questions from your nominators 

Nominate 11 of your favourite bloggers and give them 11 questions to answer

Questions from M 

What is your ideal job? 

I always wanted to be an interior designer or a writer. 

Sadly the calling for interior design in my area is minimum, and I don’t want to move! So I make do with creating boards on Pinterest of my dream houses 😍 

With writing I seem to be doing well blogging, but I have tried to write books in the past only to get lost halfway through. 

I love poetry too, and still write poems daily. 

If you could change any one thing about yourself, what would it be? 

I wish I could turn off the feeling of caring what other people think. Having an autistic child comes with its own battles, more than half of the time the battles are caused by uneducated morons who think it’s ok to judge someone when they know nothing about them. 

What is your best asset, in your opinion or someone else’s. 

I’m honest, really really honest. Most people like the fact that I am. Some people not so much. 

Are you a night owl or early riser? 

Most definitely a night owl, I was not made for early mornings. Thank god I have a husband that gets up with the children every morning! 

What is one of the things you regret doing? 

I don’t have regrets, mistakes lead for an interesting life. 

On a Friday night you usually find yourself…

Snuggled on the couch with Sean , with a takeaway and a good movie or box set. 

Best thing about school and worst thing about school for you 

I hated school. Bar the few friends I had, the majority were arseholes 😊

I enjoyed Graphic design because the teacher was awesome. (Mr Armstrong) 

Your favourite meme? 



90’s music, yay or nay? 


What was your favourite cartoon growing up? 

I have too many to pic one. But the one that still makes me laugh even now is Ed, Edd and Eddy. That was from my later years obviously. Early years was things like Moomins, poddington peas, button moon, trap door, fragile rock, gummy bears etc 

What would your ideal home/house be like? 

I’ve asked this myself a many of times, there’s a girl I follow on Instagram that has a cottage and it’s absolutely perfect. She has the most beautiful taste. 

If I had the money my home would be filled to the brim of Laura Ashley 😍😍😍

Questions for my nominees 

1. What’s the one thing you own that you couldn’t live without? 

2. Do you have any tattoos/do you want any? 

3. What’s your favourite music era? 

4. What was your favourite subject in school? 

5. What’s your favourite thing to do on a rainy day? 

6. Would you rather go for a meal with friends or go for drinks? 

7. What’s your favourite movie genre? 

8. Favourite makeup brand? 

9. Do you believe in Ghosts? 

10. Favourite TV series of all time? 

11. Name one thing you hate doing 

I tag 

Everyone that wants to do it! It’s a great award and I love finding out about everyone. So yeh, so do it!!




Wow, 500 followers is pretty amazing!

Thanks so much for everyone who has followed, commented, liked and shared my posts. You will never know how much I appreciate it! 

When I first started my blog a couple of months back, I never imagined people would take such an interest in what I had to say! 

I’ve met some lovely people along the way and hope to meet many more. 

Also a quick mention for my Instagram followers which hit 1000 last week, thanks so much for everything. 

I equally enjoy reading and commenting on your things too, I always follow back! I have gotten some great tips from some of you and have tried many products that you’ve recommended. 

Hope you all have a lovely day 💕💕




Blogger Awards 💕💕


Firstly I want to thank Rare Ruby for nominating me for all 3 awards, but also Everything and Nothing for nominating me for the Premio Dardos Bloggers award. 

Please check out their blogs if you don’t already, they are wonderful! 💕💕💕

So on to the awards, I’m going to contain them all to one post and then nominate for all 3 at the end! 

Premio Dardos Award 


Give thanks to person who nominated you 

Pass on the award to other bloggers and let them know they have been nominated! 

Versatile Blogger Award

Give thanks to the person who nominated you 

Share 10 things about yourself 

Nominate 10 bloggers and notify them that they have been nominated 

My 10 Facts: 

1. I have 23 tattoos. Some of them excellent and some of them need covering up! 

2. I hate lipgloss 

3. I have a cat called Daryl, named after Daryl Dixon from the walking dead (creepy stalker obsession with Norman Reedus) 

4. My favourite genre of movie is horror. 

5. My favourite colour is Turquoise 

6. My favourite restaurant is Yo Sushi 

7. My favourite flowers are Peonies 

8. I prefer drug store brands over expensive brand makeup 

9. My favourite animals are Orangatangs 

10. Favourite artist is Gustav Klimt 

Beauty Blogger Award 


Give thanks to the blogger that nominated you 

Answer the 10 questions you were given 

Nominate 10 people whose blog is about fashion or beauty ( I nominated 7 because I’m lazy!) 

Make 10 questions for your bloggers to answer 

Let the bloggers know you have nominated them 

Questions that Ruby asked me: 

1. Favourite Makeup Product

I know I go on about it, but it’s my main staple. The Max Factor Pan stik is my absolute favourite product EVER. I use it as a concealer under my eyes, red bits and forehead. But it can also be used as a cream foundation which is its main purpose for my people. 

2. What can’t you live without

I assume this means beauty related, so I’m going to say Micellar Cleansing water. My face has been so clear since I started using it. 

3. Favourite colour

Anything Natural 

4. Natural coloured lips, or big bold lips

I love Nude lipsticks, I rarely wear anything else, but still like my lips to look plump. So I do wear lip liner also. Sometimes when I’m going out I wear red or dark purple but it’s rare. 

5. Have you tried strobing? 

Hell no! I’ve only just got the hang of contouring! Although I more than likely will watch a couple of tutorials and blog about it at some point. 

6. How do you reduce bags under your eyes? 

I don’t.. I simply don’t have time. And I do have awful bags! I just conceal them 😱 If you have any tips pop them in the comments! 

7. What piercings do you have/want? 

Currently I have my Ears, nose and tongue done. I don’t want anymore. Although I do miss my belly button. But I have a stretch mark right through that so it’s ruined! No one gets to see it anyway. 

8. What’s your perfect makeup look? 

I love natural looking makeup with white prominent lips. Kylie Jenners makeup is generally perfect 💕💕💕

9. Mascara or eyeliner (pick one) 

Mascara most Deffo. Changes the whole look of your face! 

10. Do you paint your nails

Rarely. If I’m going out then yes. But that’s hardly ever! 

My 10 questions 

1. Favourite lipstick brand and colour 

2. Name a beauty product that you hate 

3. Favourite perfume 

4. How many items of makeup are in your daily routine? 

5. What’s your skin care routine 

6. Do you contour? What products do you use? 

7. Favourite makeup brand? 

8. Drugstore or High end makeup? 

9. Top makeup tip? 

10. Name something you have bought recently because another blogger has recommended it. 
My nominees 

Everything and nothing


The sassy editor

Lainey loves life

Wake up to makeup with Kayla

Anything and everything


Kate Moss Long lasting Lipstick swatches (Rimmel) 


I have still only managed to grab 2 of the 5 from the new Kate Moss Nude range, but I absolutely LOVE them and I can’t wait to get the other shades. 

They smell divine, they are long lasting, moisturising and make your lips look lovely and plump. 

I also managed to grab one from the other range. Which I love equally as much, even though I don’t wear much pink, I’ve found that I’ve been wearing this one quite a lot!  


Shade 40 (Nude) 


Shade 43 (Nude) 


Shade 101 (Light pink)  



Top : Shade 40

Middle : Shade 43 

Bottom : Shade 101

As I’ve said above, I’m super happy with these. They are by far my favourite lipsticks at the moment, hopefully will be able to get a few more over the next couple of weeks. 

Thanks so much for reading! 



Bedroom inspiration 💕💕

Amongst Christmas shopping, getting people birthday presents and attending weddings. I’m hopeful that we will still be able to perhaps start buying bits for when we make a move on decorating our bedroom. 

The kids rooms were done not so long ago, as they were main priority (although Penelope has ripped her paper off the wall, luckily we have a spare roll so it needs fixing!) 

The walls in the bedroom are woodchip wall paper (whoever invented this crap needs shot). We won’t be stripping the walls because to be quite frank, we can’t be bothered. 

We are in rented property so we try to keep the changes we make minimal, so we are just going to paint instead and hope for the best! 

I will have to re paint my furniture again so that it matches and we could really do with a new wardrobe but that will have to wait! 

The theme we are going for is Hippy/Boho/Indian. Here are some Pinterest photos I’ve chosen for inspiration!  

Mainly using the pictures for colour inspiration. I’ve already ordered some bedding, but have a list as long as my arm on eBay for drapes and mandala wall hangings. 

Of course mine will never look anything like these but hopefully I will have the end result that I want before Xmas! 

Thanks for reading! Hope you’re all well.